Step By Step Guide To Writing A Personal Essay

It is the first day at your college and your teacher has assigned you the task of writing a personal essay. There are pretty good reasons for this assignment. Personal essays allow teachers to grasp the language, essay composition, and creativity of students. 

If you are not familiar with personal essays, you might be asking yourself you can help write an essay for me free. You are at luck, in this article you will find each and everything required to write a perfect personal essay. 

Step 1: Choose A Topic

You cannot start writing if you have not chosen the topic yet. If you are unable to brainstorm ideas, it would be better to seek assistance from a professional essay writer free. Keep in mind that topic is the first and most important thing readers interact with. It must be good enough to make the readers wants to read more. 

Step 2: Compose The Essay 

Before you start writing, think about the essay composition. Almost all type of essay consists of three paragraphs: introduction, body and the conclusion. You can also create an outline to jot down all the ideas before the actual writing process. 

Start the introduction with an interesting hook, a brief introduction of the topic and the main idea that you are intending to discuss in the essay. 

The body of the essay should be three or more paragraphs, each describing a single point. But all these paragraphs should relate to the main topic of your essay. 

The ending should summarize all the important points of your essay. In personal essays, the conclusion should present the lessons you have learned or what you have gained through this particular experience. 

Step 3: Be Consistent 

As personal essay are about yourself, it is important that your point of view and tense structure should be consistent throughout the essay. These essays are written from the first person’s perspective using the pronouns I, we, and us.  These can also be written in the past tense as you are describing something happened to you in the past. 

Step 5: Edit 

English grammar is difficult even for native speakers. Learn basic grammar rules before you start writing and revise the work when you are done to ensure that you have written a perfect essay. 

Now you know all the important steps to writing a great personal essay. Give your best to receive high scores and make an impact. 


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